Saturday, May 24, 2008

I guess it's time for an introductory statement.

Well, I'm Mike. I've been a huge Thrice fan since The Artist In The Ambulance came out, and my appreciation for the band has only grown with each album.

I'm also a huge guitar equipment geek and a Pink Floyd-obsessed loser. There are many resources online for finding out every little thing that has to do with David Gilmour's tone (,,, etc.), but no good resources for Thrice's gear. Sure, this may be because Thrice isn't a "classic" act (yet), but I figured I'd make this blog anyway. I'm sure there are a few gear geeks out there that are Thrice fans, curious and lazy... and this is for you. I've done a bit of digging through interviews and pictures through the years and saved the good info on my computer. Here's what I've got- when I find out more I'll update.


Anonymous said...

thanks for doing all this
i really was interested in the gear thrice used and are using recently. :)
this was really helpfull.
as a guitarist myself i am mostly
influenced by thrice.
i never was a huge fan untill the alchemy index which blew me away.

thanks again.

Mark said...

From one thrice fan to another. Thanks for the awesome blog!