Friday, April 24, 2009

A Small (Self-Indulgent) Aside

I've decided that I'm not cool enough to break free from the crowd... I now have a Twitter. I suppose I'll be using this to talk about the blog, my music, and also to give me a new dumb thing to amuse myself with.

I'm also beginning to think that I should finally give in and make this blog a real website. It'd be nice to have some navigation... this page is definitely getting cluttered and becoming harder to browse through. Also, I'd like to sort of divide things up into sections (by album most likely), since Thrice have used pretty different equipment on each album and people seem to be interested in each.

Something for the near (maybe) future, I suppose.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Updated Look At Things

I thought about going back and revamping old articles like I used to do, but I decided to keep them the way they are for people looking for that sound. Anyway, despite Thrice's decrease in touring, there has not been a decrease in stuff for me to write about here...

I just haven't, because I suck at updating. Anyway, here's what I've got:

I've always credited Teppei's live distortion sounds to his Turbo Rat, however even when I was right about that I was totally wrong about how he used it. Teppei likes to use pedals to just push his amp transparently (rather than creating the distortion tone). This is how he used his Rat, a pedal which has now been sidelined by a homemade modified clone of a Tube Screamer, which Teppei says is his favorite distortion pedal. We can credit most of his sound to his amp- which most of the time is a Vox AC30.

Teppei also has invested in a Line 6 M13 multi-effect pedal to replace his DL4s, which have apparently given the band tons of problems on the road. The DL4s (and other Line 6 Modeler pedals) lose reliability because of their build: the switches are mounted directly to the PCB. If you've got a Line 6 Modeler, there are lots of people online who will mod your pedal for more reliability.

As far as amps on the new recording: it looks like the AC30 and Supro clone are getting use, as well as a vintage blonde Fender Bassman- different from Teppei's tweed Bassman that was used at times in 2008.

Eddie seems to be using a new M13 also, through his Ampeg setup. Despite the M13, he still has a DL4 and expression pedal on his board.

Thanks for reading!