Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Warped '09 Gear!

Looks like Warped '09 has brought a few equipment changes. Dustin is no longer using Line 6 amps, and has switched to a handwired Vox AC30. He's still using his black Nash Tele. Teppei is still using his AC30 also, which is stock and from the 90s.

In the videos of the new songs being played on this tour, The Weight and All The World Is Mad, Teppei is using his semi-hollow Gibson (possibly a replacement for his Epiphone Casino?)g, which appears to be an ES-335 (sunburst color). He mentioned using this in the studio too, so it looks like we may be hearing this guitar more than his old stand-bys, the Les Paul and Tele on the Beggars album. Alvin Lee, BB King and Rich Robinson would be proud.

I found pics on this blog. There are some good shots of Teppei's Gibson. Apparently, this guitar is being used in place of his Les Paul on Of Dust and Nations and Deadbolt. It looks like the LP isn't even being used on this tour. Teppei is still using his Tele and Jaguar on the other songs.

Sorry for the lack of updates, there just hasn't been much to talk about lately! Teppei has been getting pretty in-depth over at, which is awesome- and also leaves me at a loss for things to write about, haha. Thanks for reading as always, and if you notice anything I didn't then point it out!