Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dustin's Pedals- Re-Updated 7/1/08!

This is old news... scroll down a bit to the next bold area for info on what he used on the Circa Survive tour.
I don't have a good picture of his pedalboard, but I've gathered this info from various pics and sources. His rig is similar to Teppei's, but with a couple exceptions. Here's what he's using live:

Line 6 Delay Modeler
Line 6 Modulation Modeler
Boss Delay/Pitch Shifter
Boss TU-2
(check out the post below on Teppei's pedals for a more in-depth description of those)

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal- This leads me to believe that what the mysterious pedal on Teppei's board isn't a volume pedal, since Dustin has that pedal in his rig too.

ZVEX Fuzz Factory- This is a chaotic fuzz pedal- not an overdrive or distortion. I've never played one of these, but I know fuzz pedals and after reading many reviews and descriptions I think this is the crazy tone heard in the end of "Broken Lungs". These pedals are made to sound like a classic fuzz pedal pushed to the edge, and with many tonal options. Those who own these praise their versatility.

Now here's the edited part... forget everything I just said, because he doesn't use that board anymore!

Well folks, I was wrong about the X3. Thanks to Patrick for pointing it out. I don't really know how I missed this... but it's pretty obvious that it isn't the X3 when you look at the back of his pedalboard in the picture above and see the lack of 1/4" jacks. It's almost certainly the FBV foot controller for his Line 6 Vetta amp. These foot controllers are an add-on to most Line 6 amps (even those awful Spiders), and they allow the effects in the amp to be used much like a multi-effect unit at your feet. The FBV gives Dustin an expression pedal for volume/wah and tuner along with the tons and tons of effects and amp simulators (as well as guitar simulators for his Variax modded Telecasters) and lots of other little gadgets like a tap-tempo switch. I've heard it even has a toaster oven and is powered by a small hamster running on a wheel. In theory, it eliminates the need for lugging around a big pedalboard full of cords that need to be set up at every show. It's pure "plug-and-play".


Patrick said...

i don't think it's a pod 3. i think it's a line 6 FBV controller for his vetta. the Vetta has all of the effect from a POD built in. alos, notice their are input or output jacks on the back of the controller, just a logo. hope this helps.

Mike said...

I'll look into that. I was pretty sure it was an X3, but I may be wrong. There's no real info on it.

Honestly, I hope it's not just the POD effects he's using. PODs are cool for practice, but they can't compare to real pedals (e.g. Teppei's tone) for live playing. The X3 seemed a bit better than a standard POD.

patrick said...

i'm not a fan of them either, however i've heard the sounds from the vetta combo and they sound pretty good. line 6 stuff has gotten better and better. everyone and their mom uses a dl-4.

Mike said...

Yeah, I can't really argue with that. They do seem to be rapidly improving. Dustin's tone on the Myspace Transmissions EP is quite good.

Zach said...

also, for the picture of dustin and his "fbv foot controller," i don't think that is one. i looked at the foot controllers on the line 6 site and none of them look like that from the rear. unless that is a past model and i am wrong, i don't think that is a foot controller, although i'm really not sure what else it could be considering nothing on the site looks like what he has.